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Our Story.

Who We Are

Behind every company, there is a face.  Prisma GRP was founded by Henry Lee, an industrial designer from South Korea that has traveled and lived around the world for most of his life, involving himself in design and architectural projects in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, and Milan. It is through his journey of self-discovery that has greatly influenced his work and shaped his entrepreneurship. 

Throughout the trajectory of the company, Henry was able to travel and attend different events and conventions that have led him to meet people that are changing the world for a more inclusive and better society. It is through these encounters that the company has shaped and grown to do more than just marketing but provide fully integrated creative services for these exceptional individuals.

Now, his dream isn’t to make his own clothing brand, but to make others’ dreams come true.


Meet yourself!


Be yourself!


Express yourself!

Are you ready to meet your brand with us?

Why Us?

Aside from the fact that you will be paying less and getting more for your budget, you will be working with a multicultural team of bilingual professionals* that will deliver an integrated high-quality way of work. We are comprised of graphic and industrial designers, community managers, marketers, project developers, and business counselors.


All which are not only very well connected with Millennials and Gen-Z groups that are the rising work force and majority of digital consumers, but also are intelligent, passionate, and creative in their own fields.

*Time zone and digital clouds are synced for easy online communication and work flow with our team.

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